Privacy Policy

Tindo respects your privacy. We want you to make use of the services of Tindo with total trust in our commitment to appeasing you and safeguarding your private information. This Privacy Policy delineates how Tindo collects data from users of Tindo services (the “Services”) encompassing those who have accounts (“Customers”) and those who do not (“Visitors”) as well as what we do with the data we collect. Tindo requests that you go over this Privacy Policy carefully

Data collection

Visitors – Visitors to Tinderbox Solutions receive “cookies” to scrutinize their actions through our site. This data may include referral URL, IP address, browser type and the model of the device.

Customers – When a Visitor sets up an account at Tinderbox Solutions we collect a list of personal information encompassing, but not limited to name, address, e-mail address, mobile number, billing address, credit card or other payment details as well as a password.

Tinderbox Solutions strives to make our website very much user-friendly and intuitive to the utmost extent. Developed by us are a plethora of third party applications (for example, applications on social networking sites like that aid Customers to manipulate Tindo in new and fun ways. These apps are responsible to collect personal information including, but not confined to name, address, e-mail address, and other contact details.

Tinderbox Solutions also manipulates the information furnished by our Customers, with their explicit authorization, to simplify things related to purchasing and making use of our products and services. This information includes but is not limited to account signup details for other websites. The data is visible no longer than the minimum amount of time needed to satiate the Customer’s specific request.

Information usage

Browsing data is assimilated from the entire Visitor base so as to research issues and make alterations to enhance the website and our services.

Customer data is associated with creating and managing accounts along with aiding the Customers related to any hindrances associated with the accounts, furnish technical support, carry out analysis and surveys and other associated work.

Information sharing

Featured is no partnership or alliance of Tinderbox Solutions with any organizations and thus the customer data is very much secured without sharing with others.


We reserve the right without permission to provide personal data related to the following scenarios:

We trust that it is important to be in accordance with subpeoenas, court orders and legal processes as authorized by law.

In order to complain, prevent or aid in the research of speculative fraud and other unlawful activities or roll out the needed steps to tackle such activities. iii. To regulate the Tinderbox Solutionsspan> Terms of Services, establish, manage or support the legal rights or as otherwise delineated in the User Agreement, AUP or the particular Privacy Policy.

Mailings – upon becoming a Tindo customer

Customers prefer to get alerts related to the account encompassing but not confined to renewal/ expiry and billing notifications. Some of such alerts can be deactivated from within the account. Please be informed that all these alerts are the only notifications which will be shared from [email protected] associated with important activity in your account including, but not confined to, renewal/expiry alerts. Kindly do deactivate these notices at your own risk.

You are without manual consent associated to receive any and all promotional emails and newsletters. You can opt to unsubscribe from these notifications by being in sync with the instructions or opt out links furnished in the mailing themselves.

Adherence to this policy

Tindo follows these privacy policies and the guidelines in a very stringent manner. We are focused to be in accordance with the terms with this policy and taking up logical measures to assure the safety of your personal information. In the event you have any queries associated with the scope, tenants and the manipulation of this policy kindly do let us know. We value your feedback. Contact us by phone, email or fax based on your preference.