Support Requests Received Via Email

User base can reach us out at Customers can use out contact us for to key in they issue or use basecamp to post the issues related to any concerns. When their inquiry/issues are shared with us, they will be arranged into a ticketing queue system on a first come, first served approach. The emails/tickets are taken care by our customer support personnel and remedies are supplied and made into effect as soon as possible by return email. If the concern requires an even bigger level of support, the issue will be resolved directly with a call or be prioritized to our development team/system administrator for patchup and provide enlightenment to the customer that the issue has been escalated. Once the issue is patched up by the development team or system administrator, we will be sync and interact with the customer to ascertain that their needs are satiated to the fullest.

Support Requests Received Via Telephone

Customers can also avail us at +1 954-501-0065 for any specific queries. We reply back to our customers over the phone in real time to deal with their issues, concerns, or questions. In the event the issue is prioritized in customer service scope of support, it will be resolved directly or will be escalated to our development team/system administrator for conclusion of the issue and alert the customers that the problem will surely be escalated. On patching up and conclusion done by the development team or system administrator, we will in addition sync up with the customer to guarantee that they are made content.