Why Video Dating is the current vogue in the dating domain

With the advancement and innovation in technology, it has optimized the online dating domain to the next level, and the future of online dating looks very promising. After the advent of smartphones, getting associated with someone special has picked up the pace, and its appeal and charm factor have skyrocketed when it comes to popularity. It was thanks to the hard work of companies like Match and Harmony, which created the foundation sometimes back to bring excitement and speciality to the online dating world. It has revolutionized the entire concept of dating.


At present, a lot of dating mobile apps have embraced and integrated video features into their functioning, which paved the way for a three-dimensional experience when a person interacts with prospective matches. Video features, when combined with dating apps, will provide a greater understanding regarding one person’s personality when compared with the traditional approach of just displaying a single photo. This smart innovation has set a unique standard procedure when it comes to online dating.


That brings us to the next question –How does Video Dating function?


When one shares their videos of memorable occasions or happy moments on social media, it is a very joyous thing to do. This way, you can associate with another person, and it will throw a great deal of enlightenment and a clear picture regarding you as a person. It is very much applicable to the world of online dating, where it is essential to know a lot about the characteristics of the person who might be your prospective match. Several dating apps have integrated their distinct video protocols where each comes with its elements and attributes.



When we speak of dating apps, they feature a very complex approach when it comes to online matchmaking where they motivate users to integrate and enrich their profiles with the power of videos. A few dating apps will make use of the already existing videos that are in the smartphone. Some other apps have enriched the dating experience with the power of real-time video chatting. It will help in augmenting the interactions with one another and will help in building strong relationships.


To the happiness of people who want to date, the recent few years have witnessed an explosion when it comes to the integration of videos with dating platforms. A particular exemplar is Tinder which is most famously known for creativity and consistency in optimizing its dating features to appease the user base. Tinder users can now click the “add media” button integrated within the dating app to upload a maximum of 6 videos that are two-minute looping to their profiles. It was a very ambitious venture, but it succeeded to be confirmed as a win-win situation.


With Tinder having integrated a video feature, others followed suit soon where enterprises, including the likes of Hinge, have launched their interface similar to Tinder. It includes the support of thirty-second videos which were earlier shared on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. Another popular dating platform Bumble has rolled out its own unique video calling feature which is an optional feature to ease the worries of random calls. When we speak about Zoosk Labs’s Lively, it has developed a good video chat platform for people having similar tastes to have a fun time socializing with one another.


With the ever-increasing fame and name of online dating and Tinder clones in the market one involved in the business should ascertain that there are some precautions involved when it comes to dating. Digital connection is a secure approach where the integration of video chats and such will be beneficial in getting to know significantly one’s prospective match before meeting one another. However, there has been a need for online dating platforms to integrate safety-related features. If we take the case of Lively, it has an option called “Add Blur” to blur the video chats until the user becomes comfortable with these chats. In this way, the profile of the person is concealed, and simultaneously one can get to know more about the other person involved in the conversation.


When we take the case of Bumble, it serves to integrate some safety measures for its female user base. It is up to them to start a video chat or phone chat, and in the background, a smart Private Detector will scan images to find and remove offensive content. A video dating app by the name Zepeel features an option for couples to know one another considerably so that they can decide whether they can commit further into the relationship.




So video dating, even though very intriguing, must come packed with features that speak about high safety for the user base. It will significantly help the online dating related enterprises in gaining the confidence and trust of the people.


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