Why mobile apps are the best platforms for dating

It is the tendency of someone lonely to seek companionship; it could be for friendship or for getting into a romantic relationship.

Long gone is the era where we used to look for someone for love at college, work or some other place; Digitization has paved the way for the advent of mobile dating applications and thereby virtual love connections. These mobile platforms allow people to get romantically associated with one another through personal profiles, direct messaging and much more. Two people can date/build relationships with one another and can finally meet each other if both are ok with it.

In this digital era, there is a significant advancement in terms of romance. When we turn the clocks backwards and see how things progressed, we will be amazed. From the modems on a computer to the 4G (and now 5G) LTE on powerful smartphones, digitization has started to enhance each and everything.

Almost two decades ago, most of the people in the world could not get their hands on a laptop and had to use a traditional desktop. However, with the advent of smartphones and mobile applications, everything has become ultra-cool in terms of intelligence, and the devices have become more personal. When speaking of personal, it’s normal to feel upset if someone used your smartphone. The mobile phones can be used to call, message, email, take pictures etc. With the power of mobile apps, it can be used for dating and maybe even for finding your ultimate soulmate.

Mobile phones have become very prominent in terms of online dating, and it has become the standard for dating nowadays. People of all age-based demographics have also embraced it.

With your smartphone always in your possession and the fact that you can carry it everywhere, it is very much useful to involve in dating whenever you wish to do so from virtually anywhere. All that is needed is mobile connectivity or internet, and you are all set.

It all had its origins with social platforms, messaging services, matrimonial websites and other traditional ways of getting associated with one another. Speaking of mobile app dating, it started to rise to prominence in the last few years, and the advent of pioneers like Tinder revolutionized it.

All the popular mobile dating websites come with their mobile app equivalents, which are user-friendly and offers the best in terms of speed and performance included.

Dating through mobile apps is inclined to the social dating experience.

Thanks to the success of Tinder and other such dating apps which have created quite an impact in the dating world, the usage of these apps has seen an upward surge along with the likes of smartphones and high-speed mobile connection/internet.

Research conducted earlier revealed that the Global Online Dating Market is estimated to be valued at USD 9.39 Billion by 2026.

Another report revealed that the income associated with the Online Dating domain is estimated to reach US$1,754 m this year. Further research revealed that it would be the United States that will be the main contributor in terms of revenue (US$798m in 2020).

Let’s now have a word about the Tinder dating app.

Tinder attained massive popularity because of the simplicity it offered in terms of usage. Registration is done by syncing the user’s Facebook account, and a profile will be created based on the details pulled from the Facebook account. Next, based on preferences, browsing can be done anonymously on various user profiles. If the user swipes right on a given profile, then it signifies a Like. If the swiping was done in the left direction, it means a Dislike. If two users mutually like each other, they can start chatting with one another and can build romantic relationships.

Tinder is the app for people who want to search for a date without revealing his/her identity.

Speaking of Tinder, its revenue last year was standing at an astounding $1.15 billion in 2019.  Its income experienced phenomenal growth at a CAGR of 123% between 2015 and 2019. This dating app’s total worth is estimated to be $10 billion.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

It has led to the explosion in the development of what is called Tinder clones. A Tinder clone is nothing but a specially developed and highly customized dating app solution that comes with all the features of Tinder and more additional features not included in the original Tinder app.

The Tinder clone is an advanced version of Tinder with fresh and vibrant features, new vibrant designs concerning UI/UX all powered by creativity and innovation.



Thus, wielding the power of a Tinder clone can give you the upper hand if you cleverly craft it with vibrant creativity/innovation so that you can entice more people to your dating application.

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