Tinder cost involved in development part

Statista revealed that the digital dating domain would generate a revenue of USD 1754 million by this year-end. It is estimated to result in a market volume of USD 2505 million by the end of 2024.

These are enough to show the current popularity of online dating apps and in the future as well. Should you be interested in generating a great deal of income for your business, then an Online Dating App is that effective as you help people in finding a partner and you can also reap huge profits.

So, before you dive deep enough into the development stuff, you must know about the cost involved in the development of a mobile app similar to Tinder.

There are some significant factors involved in the development of a Tinder clone app.

Let’s begin everything by giving insight into the types of dating applications.

Matching algorithm-based apps- These are apps that use pre-defined algorithms to carry out matching.

Niche-based apps– These apps cater only to a given category of people, and it won’t allow for registration if there is no fulfilment of the needed criterion.

Location-based apps– These apps help in getting matches based on location proximity.

Standard dating apps- Here, users have to specify the match criterion during the signup process.

Thus, the choice related to the type of dating app is an aspect that impacts the development cost of a dating app. Let us see the other factors now.


Essential Features of the app

A dating app should encompass some essential features to provide the best user experience for the user base.

They include the following names.

(i) Registration / Login where one can use their mail ids or other social media accounts for signup.

(ii) User Authentication for security

(iii) Profile Creation to add personal info, photos and setup preferences

(iv) Geolocation to fetch the user location and generate potential matches

(v) Chatting so that matches can communicate and interact with one another

(vi) Search Feature to find matches based on filters specified

(vii) Push Notifications to notify the users regarding updates

(viii) In-app ads for revenue generation

(ix) Subscription plans to provide free and premium plans to the users.


For optimizing your chances of success, you need to provide something unique. Thus, you must consider adding advanced features in your app that includes Rewind, Super Likes, Unlimited Likes, Boost, Chat without matching, Newsfeed and HD Audio/Video Chatting, to name a few. It is up to your innovation and creativity to decide what are the new features that you can add in your dating app.

The more complex the app is, then the development cost will also be significantly higher.


Platform to run the Dating App

Once the development work gets complete, the app must run on an Operating System which can be either Android or iOS or both. This decision must be taken well before getting a good idea regarding the development cost associated with the dating app. Although Cross-platform app development will cater to a large sector of the audience, it will be pricier when it comes to development.


Then comes choosing who does the development.

You have to contemplate choosing between a freelancer or a reliable mobile app development company. Speaking of the latter, it will cost you more. The pricing is also affected by the location of the development team or freelancer.  Getting the work done by a team from an international country will mean more dollars on an hourly basis.

Besides the factors mentioned above, you have to consider the expertise/skills of the development team/ freelancer along with the technologies used in developing the dating app.

Developing a Tinder clone will cost from USD 15,000 to USD 60,000 depending upon the complexity of the dating app.



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