Things to consider when launching a mobile dating application

At present, a lot of people are making use of mobile dating apps like Tinder in the quest to find their soul mates. That is one of the reasons as to why dating apps and related websites have become paramount. Thereby if your objective is to develop a Tinder clone app, there are some essential points to remember.


It may look like as though the operating functionality of the Tinder Clone mobile app is quite simple. But the truth is that it is developed with some advanced algorithms which are unseeable by the user base.


With that said, when developing a dating app similar to Tinder, keep in mind the following aspects.


(i) Every user can view only one person at a given time. However, there are users in the thousands who swipe in the left and right direction at the same time.


(ii) Every user or some given user groups view people in a separate order. It signifies that the app development team’s work is to organize the profiles in different groups.


(iii) For finding a match, there is the need for the implementation of a particular algorithm which determines who and the time to display that person


Now, let’s see why Tinder achieved such superstardom. Tinder is very popular if not the most popular dating app in the world. It has gained such fame and name primarily because of its innovative and trademark swiping functionality. If one using this app swipes in the right direction, it signifies a “like,” and if the swipe is made in the left direction, it means a “dislike”.


It is thanks to mobile dating apps like Tinder which have simplified the aspect of online dating. It has changed the traditional concept of dating where people don’t have to go out, squander money on cafes and become shy when they try to get acquainted with someone.


Tinder has an ace up its sleeve called game spirit. It annihilates the online dating stigma via gamification. It is one of the reasons for the massive fame of Tinder.


We will now see the modules that contribute to the functionality.


Authorization take 22 hours

GPS functionality takes 7 hours

Settings correspond to 60 hours

The User Profile takes 85 hours

Developing the Matching functionality takes 90 hours

Notifications consume 25 hours

Communication takes 125 hours and finally

Third-party services integration takes 30 hours.


But one should remember that due to the factor of customization-oriented requirements, the total development time cannot be decided. Project-oriented costs encompass the expenditures associated with the project management, the design, the addon cost associated with the infrastructure along with the demo and release to production.



How Tinder became such a key player


Online dating has present for quite some time. A decade back, it was visualized as a final course of action where only people who were that desperate would seek for love via digital means.


Now, things have changed a lot and may people now see online dating as an effective means to form relationships. That brings up a question – What got transfigured much in that timeline?


It started with the omnipresence of smartphones. Then when we speak of all the online means of dating, it was Tinder alone which enthralled people who earlier had reservations about online dating. With the ever-growing fame of Tinder, 69% of online platform users are at present using only a single mobile application.


As a location-based dating app, that had its beginning in October 2012, Tinder soon picked up the pace on the goal to astounding success. Both the smart sliding approach and the fresh design contributed to its fame. Now it has a colossal 50 million users and 1.4 billion hits daily.


So, why should you invest in the development of a Tinder clone?


  • The user behaviour has become enthralled with partner search via online means where dating apps is a component.


  • Dating apps can speak of enormous profits until its success charm wears out. The value of Tinder is now in the billions of dollars.


  • Developing mobile apps are very economically priced.


  • Now you know what made Tinder so famous while others are still in the process of figuring it out.





If you want to develop a Tinder clone, there should be great enlightenment regarding the features to be integrated. It is a challenging venture to calculate the time involved in development without sound knowledge on the functionality.


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