It is an outstanding view particularly among engineers, that folks who are mechanical engineers are well on the way to be deemed single.

It is an outstanding view particularly among engineers, that folks who are mechanical engineers
are well on the way to be deemed single. The significant purpose of such a contemplation
gaining momentum is that young ladies don't as a rule incline toward picking mechanical
In this way, mechanical engineers may have an involvement and have honed their skills with
organizations, however, they are consistently considered as naive with regards to dating a
young lady. To support his mechanical group of engineers, one person has gone hard and fast.
Anuj Sharma, a mechanical designer himself, quit his profession a half year back and designed
a dating application solely for co mechanical graduates like him. The outcome – the application
was associated with intense success featuring 1 million downloads in a relatively short time
span of few hours.
Anuj outlined all the requirements and necessities of a group and next, he proposed and
developed an unwonted and different stratagem and finally hit the jackpot with the venture of
his. Discussing the huge achievement that his application, No More Single, has accumulated,
Anuj stated that "No more Single was his dream venture, conceptualized when he was pursuing
his studies in his college. The sex proportion related the group was very much less and hence
began supporting and contributing to the ruling body's 'Beti Padhao' yojna. In the event that
India is comprised of an engineering group, the mechanical stream was no doubt shaped up as
Haryana. Every one of the mechanical graduates kept in contact by means of Whatsapp even
post-graduation. Followed was the practice of staying silent for 2 minutes, at whatever point
somebody posted a screenshot of an IT graduate acquiring a sweetheart or a telecom-related
personnel coming with news of being engaged or any Computer graduate going to Goa with a
gathering of young ladies.
Anuj noted that a sector of the people shared crying smileys with him and there were no odds in
their favor except for being deemed to an arranged marriage. It was at this time, that one of
Anuj's pal faced such desperation and became inclined with his parent's concept of arranged
marriage which was associated with mounting pressure. Anuj decided that such situations have
to be tackled from arising and that he needed to do something beneficial for this sector and that
was when he decided to quit his profession 6 months back and manipulated all his savings in
order to bootstrap the subsidizing for his dating application No More Single.
He additionally expressed his view that hIs venture will, in the end, be a phenomenal success
with the mechanical engineers, however, he had never envisioned getting 700% influx of traffic
in the first-week itself. It resembled a chain reaction among them. One person got to know about
it and utilized it and later on, he spread the word to 3 others, who additionally told 3 others. It
bore similarities with the film Jai Ho, with the exception of that this application was an instant

No more Single is no doubt an innovative revolution for single mechanical folks like Anuj. In
case despite everything you're perusing this and that you're either single or from a mechanical
background; or a guy-whatever it may be, download the No More Single application and
experiment with dating.