In the era where profiles are relying on fewer words and more photos, Tinder dating app has developed

In the era where profiles are relying on fewer words and more photos, Tinder dating app has
developed a fan following related to looks. While the attractive Spanish Eyes or an enticing
torso wont be that much detrimental, a new analysis reveals that several of the Tinder users are
captivated by the clues which give an idea about a person's traits and status.This can be either
subtle or nonsubtle as well. Most of the clues are generated consciously and others are
presented bt instinct. This was revealed by Chaim Kuhnreich who is analyzing with the same
area for his PhD from the Concordia University at Chicago. He noted that although
attractiveness occupies a major priority, the user base wants to be associated with much more
than looks as well. Integrated are specific clues as associated with the profile pictures and the
content keywords on the brief bios.
Long standing gender roles
Most of the outcomes are related to gender cliches which will surprise some people in the
present era. In regards to the men who want to show off that they are rich or on the verge of
becoming one very soon, they can upload a picture of a Ferrari car with regards to the
same.Women on the other side love to present themselves as caring, kind-hearted and
charitable by uploading information like Oxfam in their profiles related to others to have a
Typical profiles
The best profiles must be featured within 100 to 500 characters when evaluated with the profiles
featuring several hundreds of words and a detailed list of all the hobbies. These are presented
in several profiles related to traditional and typical dating websites. However, for Tinder, the
profiles feature fewer words when compared to the aforementioned sites and places importance
on photos. The user base has the same perceptions where some could be in the search for
casual relationships and others might look for a long-term relationship. Due to the restricted
content in Tinder profiles, they have to stress a lot to display relevant clues about the user's
Men versus Women
The women base prefer men with the potential to have children and they hold this is in high
regards. Thus many men try to captivate others by revealing that they purchase irrelevant items
to indicate that they can take care of the children as revealed by Mr. Kuhnreich. This is a given
way of impressing others by spending money. Related to the aspect that the men must know
that the children will be cared for, here the women base tries to impress that they possess
compassion, goodwill, virtues and other related clues.