Getting you started on developing a successful Tinder Clone solution

Dating Apps are the talk of the town called Dating. They can help people find relationships in the most minimal swipes or clicks of a button. One such app that attained superstardom in terms of popularity is no doubt Tinder. If your mission is to develop a Tinder Clone solution similar to Tinder, then continue reading ahead.

Several start-ups want to develop a dating app solution that is better than Tinder. The success of the dating application begins in determining what the user likes. Thus, the solution must be simple to use yet enthralling with a robust shield that fortifies the user data.

For your solution to be a formidable competitor to Tinder and other such dating apps, keep in mind the following features.



  • Simple Login

Everything must begin with an easy registration process where existing social media accounts or mobile numbers or email ids can be used to register in a safe yet simple manner.


  • User Profile

People must seamlessly be able to create their profile with photos and a brief bio of themselves where they can feed in all their interests and preferences with relative ease.


  • Geo-location

Tinder helps people to find matches within a given geographical region where it uses the location services to get real-time info regarding the users and provide matches accordingly. People prefer matches who are located within the given proximity of them.


  • Swiping

Post sign in, people using Tinder are displayed with lots of profile-based suggestions, and they decide to start a relationship with a given profile by simply swiping right. This is the main functionality of Tinder that made it achieve great success.



  • Chat

After the match is determined, both the users who swiped right mutually can get started with a conversation via chatting, which functions with the power of a good instant messaging application.



  • Paid Features:

Tinder also has some subscription-based features which will prove to be extremely advantageous for the users who opt for the plan as they get a much better experience with some cool functionality and features.



  • No Ads Mode

Although ads form an integral part of the media, they can be irritating at times to the user. People will be happy to pay an extra amount to use their apps without a single annoying advertisement.



  • Boost

This feature from Tinder will optimize the visibility of a given profile among other users, and this is effective for users who want to meet more people.



  • Unlimited Right Swipes

In the basic version of Tinder, the number of swipes is actually limited. However, with a premium package, there are limitless swipes where people can format a lot more connections.



  • Super Like

Once again, when we speak about the basic version of Tinder, people can super like only once a day. With that, they don’t have to wait till some other persons come across their profile and swipe right. They will understand that the given user likes them, and they will respond immediately. The paid version of Tinder provides 5 such super likes.


  • “Likes You”

As a feature that belongs to Tinder Gold subscribers, it helps a lot in saving their time when it comes to the quest of searching for profiles.


That concludes what all the necessary features for a dating application are. Now, how do they make money? There are several monetization methods which will rake in huge profits for the dating apps.




Usually, the basic versions of dating apps are for free, but for extra intriguing and enthralling features, one has to pay some money for the same. Like how Tinder uses its own set of paid features, one can develop their own set of premium features that speak of innovation and can give the edge in competition. To quote an instance, Tinder provides subscription plans where users can undo their accidental mistake of swiping left. The subscriptions can be provided on a monthly or yearly basis or even for a lifetime.



With ads, the dating app owners can get huge profits when a majority of the users are associated with the app’s free version.


Gifts and Third-Party Services:

As an innovative idea, dating apps can be used to form a connection with gift shops and flower shops and restaurants. Linking such places with dating apps is also a good way to generate money.




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