Getting to know some of the most famous dating apps in the world

At present, when it involves finding relationships, it depends mainly on the power of dating apps infused with robust technologies. No doubt, Dating Apps are the future of dating.


So what is dating? It is the process where people get to know each other, and this progresses forward as a friendship and then into a romantic relationship, most likely leading to marriage. If both the people involved aren’t finding anything compatible, they can part ways.


Dating apps help people in finding their ideal soul mate from anywhere boundless of cities and nations.



Statistics reveal that approximately 22% of people were able to find their future spouses mainly through dating apps. The revenue of this dating app domain sums up to a colossal 1.8 Billion USD. This is enough to say that one can take a shot at the Online Dating Business domain with a customized Tinder clone.


This article will provide enlightenment on the most popular dating apps of 2020.



(i) Tinder


Undoubtedly one of the most famous dating apps that ever existed, it has become synonymous with the word Swiping. Featuring over 57 million users, the age demographics of its users are in the range between 18 and 24 years old.


It starts with the creation of a profile with necessary details about the user along with the integration of some photos, a brief intro and preferences. The app will then provide a list of singles in the given area of the user. They swipe to decide if they like or dislike the profiles provided. It keeps on adding a great deal of User Experience via new features.


In this year, it introduced what is called Tinder Safety Centre where there is the integration of a safety app which features a panic button should something go seriously wrong in the dating process. This app called Noonlight will help the victim to connect with personal emergency services. This proves to be effective when meeting strangers for the first time in real life.


(ii) Coffee Meets Bagel


Moving away from Tinder, there is another app called Coffee Meets Bagel, which gives greater emphasis to quality over quantity. It focuses on providing deep connections that are real. It operates with the long-lasting tradition of men making the first move and with regard to that, it will share a few potential matches to the men based on their likings and profiles. Then the women will receive the matches who show interest with them. Based on their decision, they can either accept or decline.


Also, and if preferred, the app will then create a 7-day chat window for both the involved people and this is a good idea seeing that a few chats can give insight on whether the relationship is a long-lasting one or not.


(iii) Bumble


This app will be the best fit to find the ideal partner or a friend when once mutually connected; the female user will then be provided with 24 hours to initiate communication. If not, the connection will get terminated.


For finding a friend, the Bumble App comes with a Best Friend Forever Feature, and there is also a Bizz Section as well. The app will allow video and voice chat if the users have made connections in the three categories, namely BFF, Bizz and Date.


So when we compare Bumble and Tinder, they have their own set of unique features which are selected based on the preferences and needs of the user base.




(iv) Badoo


Based on the freemium model, this dating app will unlock additional features post paying for a given price tag. Featuring over 370 million users from hundreds of countries, it is a vast ocean of exploring and finding love.


It gives a big priority to the authenticity of users via a rigorous verification process which depends on photos that get uploaded, the phone numbers, the social media accounts and lots more.


It has several features to find matches like swiping similar to Tinder and also to see the profiles of users who are nearby.




Mobile apps are, no doubt a pioneer in finding dates through online means. Mobile apps integrated with powerful technologies can accomplish virtually anything for any business, and online dating is no exception. Dating apps help in developing connections between two people from anywhere across the globe and are the future of dating.


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