Getting insight on how dating apps are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and their different types

Nowadays, everyone must be knowing about online dating mobile applications, and the most popular among these is Tinder. The pandemic has proven to be an advantage and disadvantage for online dating. On the 29th of March 2020, Tinder registered 3 million swipes on a global basis. More and more people are using dating app services, and this is a good sign. Taking into account everything, the fortunes for dating apps are very food.


Whenever anyone contemplates developing an application like Tinder at present, there are some fine-tuning to be done.

This article will give a great deal of enlightenment regarding the same.


It is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the globe. However, it has paved the way for some new fashions when it comes to online dating, and one of them is the video chat/call feature. People can communicate with one another via video calls. It is prominent in dating platforms like Harmony, OkCupid and Match.

To make dating a smooth process despite the raging COVID-19 pandemic, Tinder released the video chat feature.

Here, calls are made only when two people have swiped right on each other’s profile, i.e. they have mutually liked each other via the mobile app. It helps in the prevention of unwanted calls.  The users must click on the video icon to activate it, and video chat will commence only when both the users have turned on this icon. It can be disabled at any time should either of the users feel insecure. Post the call; the app will touch base with the users on how the call went.


This feature of Tinder is under the testing phase and currently present only in a  few nations like the USA, Australia and Brazil.

So, if one contemplates Tinder clone development, the integration of video chat/dating will be seen as a better option to interact with one another without the risk of the contagion.



What are the various types of Online dating apps?


Geolocation matching apps


Such apps work on the basis that the probability of getting the best match is high if these apps map out matches based on the proximity of the user’s location. With the power of GPS, the app accumulates location-related information.


Bumble and Tinder are some notable exemplars of Geolocation matching apps.


Listed below are some features that are essential when developing dating clone apps based on Geolocation matching.


  • Virtual geolocation: This feature helps the users to find matches based on their current location.


  • Discovery settings: If the users toggle off this option, then until it is turned on, no matches would be listed


  • Age-based matches: Profiles will be generated based on the age inputted into the Tinder-like app.


  • Rewind-feature: A handy feature, the user can reverse the former selection they made on a profile.


  • Push notifications: Should someone super-like the given user, the latter will be immediately notified.


  • Selections: Based on their inclinations, the users can like, reject or super-like the profiles.



Personal matching app


As soon as one signs in to the Tinder clone, the users will be furnished with some personal questions. The perfect match will be found by taking these answers into account.  The Los-Angeles based Eharmony makes use of some mathematical algorithms to determine the percentage of profile similarities. Some 29 key dimensions estimate the similarity and the likeliness for the success of a relationship.




Conventional dating apps


This classification of dating apps provides profiles that are related to the user’s inclinations and dating history. One notable example is OkCupid which has a team of psychologists with significant experience in social relations. To get the best match, this app uses the pointers recommended by them in the working algorithm.





It is very much evident that online dating apps are the best suitable platforms to find significant and long-lasting relationships or even one’s soulmate. The efficiency factor of dating clone algorithms has increased after having accumulated a lot of info and feedback from the users. By using the power of a robust Tinder clone script and some enthralling marketing trends, one is ready to achieve phenomenal success in the online dating business domain.


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