Generally being associated with dining at restaurants, it is quite evident that from the typical, monotonous

Generally being associated with dining at restaurants, it is quite evident that from the typical, monotonous, traditional and dull process how it occurs has resulted in gourmets to look for something new and innovative. How about a restaurant app which values the time of the user? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Also, it will be amazing if you could get real-time notifications regarding the status of the order along with the operational principle and logic that the food is prepared as per how you want it to be. Adding the aspect of secure payment with or without any cards from the vicinity of the smartphone will be the finishing touch to such a restaurant app which is only a dream or an innovative vision. However, the dream is made feasible with the iCashout app which benefits the foodies a lot and guarantees to surpass their expectations much to their surprise. The iCashout app for a start acts as a beacon to notify the user base with restaurants partnered with the app and which are in close proximity to the user. Further, once in an eatery, the user can make orders from the smartphone and are assured that their preferences related to preparing the dish are inputted to the kitchen staff. Bill payment can be done from the smartphone itself in a smart and secure manner and amazingly the iCashout app serves to cease the chaos associated with group dinings. Here the user can invite others to use the app and the bill splitting feature smartly ensures that you pay for what you have only ordered. Track the food as it is being prepared and until it reaches you in the eatery or at your doorstep via food delivery. Rest assured for takeouts, the users never have to spend extra time waiting in the restaurant to receive their parcel. iCashout app strives to renovate and revamp the way how dining is done.  It has made quite an impact in the New Jersey area where several eateries have embraced the app into their functionality. Pretty soon, the app will surely be associated with your favorite restaurant and have a good dining experience thanks to this smart iCashout app.