Enlightening you about the cost of developing a Tinder clone

Dating apps are the current vogue in the market which is filled with Tinder, Bumble and other such competitors. Indeed, you would have contemplated getting a Tinder clone developed for you. So there is a question that will arise for sure – What is the cost associated with the development of Tinder clone solution? You might have an innovative idea related to a unique dating app solution, but inevitably you will face this question.

With that said, we will discuss how much will an MVP similar to Tinder in its earlier days will cost. As we all know, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps known for its swiping feature. The MVP of a Tinder clone is related to its features, the company selected for getting the development work done along with the technological needs and how advanced the design is.

Supposing you want the app to be developed on either the iOS or Android platform and the hourly rate is assumed to be 50 dollars- The cost might be at least $35,000.

Now, how about some research?

We will start with the features of Tinder.

The primary functioning of Tinder is swiping between profiles to indicate a like or dislike. If it is the former, then it is a match, and one can start chatting with the match.

Some essential features of Tinder include the following namely:-

  • Authentication
  • Profile
  • Notifications
  • Settings
  • Swiping
  • Chatting/ Messaging with others
  • In-app purchases
  • Reporting fake accounts
  • SaaS Integration
  • The app’s working algorithm


Also, there is a need for an admin panel to manage everything properly.

For team size and members, there is the need for a project manager, a designer, two iOS and 2 Android developers or 3 React Native Developers, a QA tester and two backend developers.

Let’s now see the cost estimation of the functionalities, which will consume some time in development.

The Design Part will take around 80 to 100 hours, and this constitutes the Home Screen, Registration/ Login screens, User Profile, Settings, Chat Screen and In-App Purchase Screen.


The Time involved in Mobile App Development is estimated to be 452 hours lets see the facts when we drill down in detail:-


Authentication – 14 hours

Profile – 50 hours

Notifications – 20 hours

User-based location – 8 hours

User Settings – 40 hours

Chatting – 110 hours

Business Logic – 100 hours

In-app purchases – 40 hours

Additional features – 38 hours

Multi-Language Options – 12 hours

SaaS integration – 20 hours


The Backend development will take 238 hours, and this consists of Authentication, the Admin Panel, Web UI, Database structure and RESTful API.

Speaking of DevOps, Testing and Release they will take 25hours, 36 hours and 20 hours respectively.

To get the total sum involved in everything, we need to multiply the Time taken with the value of $50. Then we get the following values:-

Design – $4500, Mobile App Development – $22600, Backend Development – $11900, Devops – $1250, Testing – $1800 and Launch- $100.


Further, this constituted the price related to the MVP of the mobile app alone. Keep in mind there is also the cost involved in enthralling people to use the Tinder clone of yours. There is the cost associated with marketing which involves advertisements, commercials and other channels. That will sum up to an additional $500,000.






Not all the dating app visions need to lead to spending 100k to build the app. In some cases, selecting some different technologies will cut down the development cost. To develop such a dating app at an economical price, you can opt for a more straightforward design with importance given to the essential features alone for the Time being and by choosing React Native when it comes to coding.


And last but not the least you have to be wise when it comes to the selection of the app development team and negotiation of the hourly rate as well.


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