Developing a successful dating app like Tinder

There is tremendous growth when it comes to technical progress at present, and everything is fast-paced where we don’t find time for anything, particularly when it comes to meeting new people and developing great relationships. That is one of the reasons for the rise in popularity of mobile dating apps.


For starts, dating apps are platforms used by people to find relationships or the ideal soul mate via a few swipes or few presses of a button. Dating apps which are in sync with user needs speak of higher revenue. One notable exemplar is Tinder.

One research revealed that Tinder was the top-grossing non-gaming app for the first half of 2020. Such is its success over the years that a lot of entrepreneurs want to plunge into the lucrative market of online dating with a mobile dating app or Tinder clone that is far more advanced than Tinder.

This article will give a great deal of insight on what are the necessary components of a successful dating application aside from being simple to use and intuitive with enhanced cybersecurity.

So, if you desire your dating app to be good or even better than Tinder, you should contemplate implementing the following features.


(i) Easy Login

Your users must get registered to your dating app with relative simplicity. Any social media account or mobile number will suffice to make things simple yet secure.


(ii) User Profile

Here users can upload photos and feature a short bio about themselves. Users love showcasing their likes and interests through their profiles.


(iii) Geolocation

Your dating app should connect people related to the given geographic location that comes inside a given radius. It should use the power of GPS and geolocation to know the user’s present location and provide profiles accordingly.


(iv) Swiping and Matchmaking

This is an essential feature of a Tinder clone.

When people sign into Tinder, they get to see profiles of others. The next action is to swipe where swiping right indicates you like the profile and Swiping left indicates you aren’t interested in that profile. If two users mutually swipe right on each others profile, it means a match.



(v) Chat option

Once a match gets established, there will be a dialogue box making use of which both the users can interact privately via chat. Thereby it is imperative to feature instant and direct messaging.


Now, aside from the basic features, there are some paid features for dating apps which prove useful enough to maintain a competitive edge where they pave the way for a pleasant experience.


(i) Ad-free mode

Although Ads can be irritating, they are an integral part of media. Even in the case of Tinder, it features ads. Thereby you can appease the users by providing an ad-free experience which comes at a premium.


(ii) Boost

In the case of Tinder, Boost is used to enhance the chances of a user to quickly get a match where his/her profile is made more visible for a given period. This is an enthralling premium feature for users who want to meet more people.


(iii) Unlimited Right Swipes

The basic version of Tinder features only a limited number of swipes for a given day. If we take the subscription plan, the users are gifted with limitless swipes which prove useful in finding more connections.


(iv) Super Like

This feature will tell that a given user likes someone before the other person sees their profile and decide to swipe right or left. Tinder provides only a singe Super Like in its free version and will provide up to 5 Super Likes in the paid version.


(v) Rewind

Should a user swipe left on a given profile by mistake, he/she can use this handy feature to go back and make the necessary correction.



Next comes the question as to how to monetize with the help of your dating app


(i) Subscriptions: A dating app’s basic version is completely free, and the user base has to pay for getting some additional features. Thereby it is imperative to decide the premium features that come in the Subscription model of yours.

You can provide subscriptions permanently or monthly basis.


(ii) Ads: When using the basic version of the dating app, you can integrate Advertisements as a means of a revenue generator.


(iii) Other modes of income generator include Third-Party Service Integration and association with gift shops.



Although the market is overwhelmed with lots of different dating apps, the key here is to provide something innovative and creative to be unique in what is being offered.

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