Coming to Facebook, the teenage sector is not manipulating it much to the dismay of the former which is well aware of this

Coming to Facebook, the teenage sector is not manipulating it much to the dismay of the former which is well aware of this.

This could be why Facebook subject TBH to acquisition this week.  The latter was used mostly by high scoolers where it serves to answer queries related to the user base or their friends while being anonymous at the same time. This Summer, the app was ranking at the top of the charts related to the iOS App store.
However this acquisition was different from the purchase of Instagram by Facebook.

Compared with TBH, there is a stark contrast where the social media giant bought Instagram 5 years ago when it featured 30 million users on a monthly basis and the deal was done at an astronomical $1 billion. This was done as the app was viewed as a formidable opponent in the market.

In the case of TBH, the brand featured only 5 employees and the acquisition made by Facebook was done at a price considerably less than $1 billion. Further, the download factor associated with the app was a figure of more than five million downloads in the previous months. However the impact which it has made is very much less significant when evaluated with that of Instagram where the former has made futile attempts at developing social products recently. It was also on the lookout for investors and funds which could help it to achieve and maintain its prosperity and at the same time enthral more people.

It is signified that Facebook made an acquisition of a product which is not deemed to be the revolutionary product of the future.

Regarding TBH, the functioning will carry out but it wont be associated with the level of autonomy as indicated by Facebook’s other acquisitions encompassing Instagram.

The TBH acquisition can be compared with that of MSQRD where the user base can edit their selfie pictures with the manipulation of face filters. Features as a part of the app was integrated with Facebook and it is evident that the social media giant will manipulate the wealth of data from TBH.

There is the likelihood that TBH may attain immense success factoring change of plans. However presently Facebook looks to benefit from its teenage sector and here is where TBH comes into the picture. The acquisition signified that it wont be destined for a path similar to Snapchat.