Coffee Meets Bagel which is featured as the effective dating application that results in relatively few matches on a daily basis

Coffee Meets Bagel which is featured as the effective dating application that results in relatively
few matches on a daily basis, has rolled out another video feature which will enable users to
interface aptly with the application.
Dawoon Kang who is the co-founder and COO of Coffee Meets Bagel noted that the team got
insight into the fact that typically individuals are not associated with one another until the
moment they meet which emphasizes that any dating app will be associated with lots of effort
and work. The team was brainstorming means to find a solution for the user base to be
associated with a reliable and credible synchronization all stemming from within the app and
hence the contemplation was emphasized on video.

The video feature operates according to what has been specified below:
On a daily basis, Coffee Meets Bagel will request that users respond to "a question of the day'
all within a pristine video segment. Users can tape and record up to eight seconds of video
related to the solution for the inquiry. When they answer the inquiry, the user base will have the
authorization and feature to scrutinize the video sector for different other users located in the
general proximity who have addressed the inquiry, and on the off chance that they like what
they are currently viewing, a match is created.
At regular intervals of 24 hours, the video segment is erased completely to prepare for another
inquiry, which brings down the stakes on replying to the issues by means of video in any case.
However, there is the lack of filters and hence the user base has no means to enrich the video
file as seen in the case of Snapchat or Instagram
There are no channels on the video so clients can't generally improve their recordings the way
they would on Snapchat or Instagram. However, this implies that users who make the video
segment will not astound their date, all things considered.
Kang added that an estimation of more than 50 % beta users manipulating this feature and who
have developed a video was liked for that day. Further people utilizing the video feature will be
featured with an influx of rate of 5x more individuals in their general vicinity.
Coffee Meets Bagel presently works on a freemium show, furnishing the user base a specific
number of matches on a daily basis and giving them a chance to pay (through digital money
currency termed Beans) for getting even more, number of matches.

Kang, in addition, noted that there is no insight currently regardless of whether the video feature
will, in the end, turn into a paid attribute, yet for the time being the video segment is allowed for
free manipulation to the limit the user base would prefer to do so.