Apps like Tinder, are being used by an increasing number of youngsters with regards for amusement

Apps like Tinder, are being used by an increasing number of youngsters with regards for
amusement and for finding dates who could well become the love of their life.However, apps
like Tinder are exposed to malicious hackers where the user's personal information and
locations are at the risk of being compromised
The world-renowned cyber security brand Kaspersky Lab revealed that apps like Tinder fail to
fortify and secure the user information with a meticulous approach.
Based on a statement released yesterday, the brand noted that the shocking news in no ways should deter the
users from manipulating them. However, there should be insight regarding the problems and steps have to be
taken in scenarios which present themselves to lessen the aspect of risks.
The brand made a survey collaborating with B2B International where digital dating with the help of these apps
are done for several purposes where nearly half of them associate it with fun and others want a strong
With regards to online dating, the user base shares some sensitive information without any restraints where
one-fourth of the users revealed that they would display their full name on their account with full access to be
viewed by the public.
Several types of research were conducted on some of the nine best online dating apps which encompass
Tinder, Paktor, WeChat, Bumble and OkCupid. The main danger from the misuse of these apps was found
As based on the research, a total of 4 apps from the list feature the ability for stalkers and hackers to access
information which is concealed as a nickname. This is done based on the user based information which was
unwittingly shared by the latter.
With this sensitive data, the criminals could easily access the user's social media accounts and find less time in
exposing their authentic names.
Researchers noted that this fragility and weakness was informed well in prior to the brands and in the time after
the information was released, a few of the brands made steps to fortify their apps and the remaining others
noted that they will make the venture in the subsequent times. Yet, it was noted that not all of the developers
assured that the issues will be fixed up.
Featured among 8 of the 9 Android applications, they were vulnerable enough to expose a lot of sensitive data
to such cybercriminals and hackers.
The experts forewarned the following where if a stalker wants to get information about the current location of
the users, 6 out of the 9 mobile apps will assist them. This alarming aspect is absent only in OkCupid, Badoo,
and Bumble which keeps the location data secure and intact. The remaining apps expose details related to the
distance between the user base and the opposite party. It serves easily to determine the precise location of the
victim by moving around and logging with relation to the distance separating both the persons.