An overview of the famous dating app called Tinder

Tinder has become a vogue for dating, and everyone who wishes to seek relationships is seeing it with passion. In the current digital era, smartphones combined with mobile apps add a great deal of excitement to the online dating experience. In a few years after its launch in 2012, Tinder became the number one dating app solution.

It features over 100 million users, with 5.2 million subscribers and revenues summing up to more than 800 million USD. Speaking of revenue, from 2009 to 2016, the dating app market revenues rose to 381 million dollars. The worth of these dating apps is in the Billions of USD.

Let us now speak about Tinder in detail.

Tinder is a free online dating app solution that is both iOS and Android compatible with an emphasis of location proximity so that it is straightforward to get associated with people. The users will see profiles of other people and swiping them on the right, and left denotes a “Like” and a “Dislike” respectively. It is that cool and simple!

The app asks for the age, gender specifications, and preferences of the user and other such details before using the advanced working algorithms and displaying profiles based on the geographical locations.

If 2 people mutually swiped right on each other’s profile, then it indicates a match.

For signing up into the app, no one will encounter boring pages that will annoy the users. Instead of signing up with social media accounts like Facebook and Google is what that happens. With this way, the registration is a piece of cake that takes place instantly.


Let’s see the features of this amazing dating app solution now.


As aforementioned earlier, the app will help people register and login via their Facebook or Google credentials. Also provided is the option to log in with the mobile numbers.


The user profile section helps in managing the profile and see details like photos, birthday, occupation, common inclinations and much more.


This helps the app in generating profile recommendations based on the location of the user.


An amazing thing about the Tinder app is that the searches can be narrowed down based on age, distance, occupation and common inclinations.


A highly innovative and special feature that made Tinder achieve such popularity if the person’s decision to show that he/she is interested or disinterested in a given profile is confirmed by swiping in the right or left direction. This serves to add more joy and richness to the actual user experience.



Once a match has been made by swiping right on each other’s profile, both the users can now chat privately with the other person.

Push Notifications:

This helps optimise the user experience and update the user regarding the latest updates via the mobile app solution.


With this premium feature, a user can review the last profile again and undo the supposed mistake of having swiped in the wrong direction earlier.

Swipe Passport:

This is used in finding matches from several locations. The dating app will recognize the user’s profile under the assumption that the user had been to that place.

Unlimited Right Swipes:

Another premium feature, here the user will be able to carry out unlimited swipes

In-App Purchases:

This is used to implement a deadline related to the number of matches every day. One can purchase 10,20 or 30 matches also.



That gave an overview of the Tinder app, its working principle and its special features.

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