An analysis has to be made related to the efforts and funds associated with half a minute television advertisements

An analysis has to be made related to the efforts and funds associated with half  a minute television advertisements and also for magazine advertisements as well. The query then arises if it is a good move and venture to allocate time and funds for developing even shorter ads which serve effectively to reach the user base. Currently, thanks to the presence of social media apps featuring Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, they are gaining prominence by tenfolds and provides deep insight regarding the approach.

Featured within these apps, the functionality and working logic make the user base to upload videos of a lesser timeframe and photo files so that the users can associate themselves with real-time, campaigns, providing a demonstration of a product which is still under development and also about branding based on a transitory basis. Both the enterprise and the user base are subject to benefits and profits. The enterprise can then associate with the user base and customers in a never before done methodology.

In the event that the enterprise is looking forward to getting a brand new tool to enhance the social media branding ventures, then the following aspects have to be imbibed without fail.
Figure Out Your Audience

In the event, the user base comprises mostly adults who dont feature an Instagram account or that of Snapchat or Vine, then the particular branding strategy won’t serve effective for the enterprise and will be a futile venture.

Speaking on the contrary, if the enterprise has found a good reputation regarding fame with the audience base who are very much younger, then this will be the opportunity to enhance the enterprise with a brand new strategy aimed at the audience base. A detailed analysis has to be done and insight about which social apps are trending has to be acquired. Knowledge should be gathered as to whether Instagram posts are done on a frequent basis. In that case, then this will be the golden opportunity for success.

Add the Personal Touch

When speaking about Snapchat, the media content namely the pictures and video files exist only on a transitory basis after which they cease to exist. This signifies the aspect that the enterprise can make use of a limited opportunity to ensure that there is a good bonding between the brand and the customer base. The mission associated with the enterprise is to satiate the user base and make them captivated. This will serve effectively in developing a robust fan following and loyalty base.

Maximize Sharing with Instagram and Vine

Provided that the enterprise is not satiated with the speed associated with Snapchat, then there is the advantage of other apps like Instagram and Vine which will serve effectively in tackling the shortcomings associated with Snapchat.

The manipulation of such apps which throws light on the videos and images related to what is taking place in the background will be efficient to generate a distinct and strong relationship with the customer base. Definitely, the user base will prefer to observe what happens in the background when the brand is developing stylish ornaments or a sweet dog tutus. Hence, it is better to allow the user base to see what is going on by recording a small video and uploading it. The main advantage featured here is that the follower base can increase the visibility by sharing the pictures and videos to several other people, thereby gaining traction even better than the direct connections.

With the progress and advancement of Socal media, there is an influx in the stratagems related to gaining more followers.  As the attention factor dips down then it is recommended to make brandings with lesser time duration and which also proves to be effective. The manipulation of apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine serve effectively for enterprises when it comes to the domain of developing faster connections.