A word on Tinder and what made it to attain great success in the Dating App world

The present millennium has never ever before experienced such a demand when it comes to Dating Apps which ascertains that your perfect date is just a swipe away.

A forerunner in this trend is no doubt Tinder making use of which people can find the perfect match and chat with them to set up a time to meet. To login into Tinder, there is the need of Facebook account so that all the details related to locations and preferences can refine the search results as per your needs.

It paved the way for several apps which wanted to emulate and surpass the success which Tinder had tasted. This comprised of the likes of  Bumble featuring an instant chat option, the connection concept based operating Hinge, the sophisticated Raya and Happn to name a few.

Even though all the aforementioned formidable competitors posed a threat to Tinder, it still does get 1 billion swipes on a daily basis and it has piled up revenues in excess of 800 million. These can all be attributed to the  special features that are a part of the application

Speaking of them they are listed below:

a. It features the prominent Swipe feature to indicate your preference towards a given profile.

b.There is also the chatting option as aforementioned.

c.It wields and leverages the power of Geolocation

d.Another social media which is associated with it is Instagram so that you can access the given profile’s Instagram profile as well.

e.It has plans like Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus which has some extra cool features which can be accessed via payment

f. Last but not least is the feature that is actually the driving force behind the huge revenues that Tinder accumulates. So let’s take a deep plunge into the concept of that feature which is Potential Matches.

If a profile gets a lot of matches that indicates a spike in the attractiveness of that profile. The profile pops up instantly in other users’ profile when they open the app.

When novice users begin using Tinder, the matches displayed in the account are taken from very popular profiles. This can get the dating app to enchant the user base in a given direction.

The Facebook profile of the user is used by Tinder to get even more potential matches as based on the info like the mutual profiles, other interests and lots more.

Now that the charismatic features of Tinder have been detailed. Let us see how  exactly do Tinder and other Dating Apps amass huge revenues

1. Subscription Model:

For a start, some of the dating apps(and other apps as well) are free and after a given time for continuous usage, there is a fee that has to be made.

2. Advertisements:

Taking the case of Tinder, the third party companies can carry out effective advertising because of the huge user base in the app.

3. In-application purchases:

To avail never before seen amazing add-ons and features like Emojis and Icons, the users have to pay money in order to unlock them.


So taking into all the features that actually paved the way for Tinder to get universal fame, the approximate costing to get a dating app developed similar to it will be more or less around 40,000 to 50,000 dollars. But keep in mind that the overall cost may vary as there are several other factors to consider as well.