A Guide to help you succeed in the Dating Industry

The dating industry is seen as the best when it comes to a lucrative business that has no hurdles related to language or region. Currently, a majority of traditional dating approaches are becoming highly digitized. This is evident with the fact that people are engrossed in dating apps like Tinder, Match.com and OkCupid for more than 90 minutes daily. The revenue associated with the usage is astronomical, and this has motivated many entrepreneurs to launch their dating app with the power of a Tinder clone script.


So, if you are one such aspiring business person, we will take a detailed look at the essential features of a successful Dating Application.


(i) Profile Setup


It is the first step for anyone who signs up for a dating app. It will help in displaying the potential matches for the users. App owners must ascertain to integrate a lot of customization options and features for the user base so that it helps a great deal in telling about their personality.


(ii) Gender-based and Geolocation suggestions


Geolocation and Geofencing help a lot in finding potential matches based on the location where the user is currently present. The potential matches also get filtered by using the gender which the user had input at the time of profile setup.


(iii) Swiping


Swiping is an essential function of your dating application, provided you wish for the matchmaking process to be like the Tinder clone. Users can swipe right on the photos that get displayed to tell that they like the picture and if they swipe on the left, it shows that they are not interested. Everything is made easy with a mere swipe.



(iv) Real-time chatting


It is another feature integral to a successful dating app because it will help in optimizing and adding a richness to the matchmaking process. If two users mutually like each other’s photos, they can start a chat. This chat can be deactivated if one of the users dislikes the other person after the conversation has already begun. During the chat, users can send Gifs and emojis to express their feelings further.


To add more fun and joy, an add-on feature like video/voice chat can also be implemented. It can be added to the subscription plans and will help you gain the edge when it comes to competition in the market.


(vi) Boost Feature and Unlimited Swipe Rights


This can be integrated as an add-on feature where the user base has to pay some money to optimize their chances of getting a potential match far more quickly than others for a given period. It will serve to provide better revenue for the app owners.

Another feature that proves to generate a win-win situation for the app owners and the user base is the Unlimited Swipe Right.


(vi) Social Media Integration


With Social Media Integration featured in the dating app, the users can easily and quickly register with the help of social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Everything is synced with to the dating app, and thus the time involved in profile creation and verification is minimized considerably. Furthermore, it will help the users in adding a richness to their conversations.


(vii) Push Notifications


By wielding the power of push notifications, the user base can be updated with everything that takes place in the application that includes the likes of new messages, matches and profile suggestions. It will help in ascertaining better user engagement and will pave the way for recurring returns to the dating application.


(viii) Offline mode


It will help the user base in making their conversations offline provided the users mutually agree to the same. It will help greatly in minimizing the cost associated with internet usage.


(ix)  Block users


Every dating app must implement this feature of blocking users, and this will establish greater trust in the user base that the chats are secured and that they have the power to block users who are misbehaving.




All the features, as mentioned earlier, will help in the development of a dating app that can triumph over other competitors in the online dating domain. For getting everything set up there is the need for the services of a high expertise mobile app development company. Tinderboxsolutions is recommended for dating app development as the team has the needed technical expertise with several years of experience in realizing the Tinder clone idea of yours with stunning UI/UX and innovative features.


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