A guide for getting started in Dating Mobile App Business

No one would have expected a dating app called Tinder which was launched some time back in 2012 would alter the entire dating domain with its swipe style. Now it accounts for a colossal 1.6 million swipes. As an entrepreneur, you can start a successful business like an on-demand online dating business where it is fuelled with the power of a Tinder clone solution. In short, possessing such a powerful technological marvel will definitely rake in an astronomical amount of money as revenue daily.


So with that said, you must know what the expectations that prospective users will have related to your Tinder clone app solution are. Remember that Customer Expectations are USPs. Let’s see a few of them, which will greatly satiate the expectations of the users.


  • Importance to UI/UX:

Ensure that you feature a simple but very enthralling user interface that comes with a lot of cool animated features when swiping left and right. Everything must be developed in a way such that it is easy to access and that it provides the best User Experience.


  • Finding relationships in the vicinity:

Some people are frustrated with long-distance relationships, and they want to find relationships in their proximity. To facilitate, this the need of the hour is a location-based dating app solution that can find dates based on locations in the vicinity of the user. This should be applicable on a global level as well when the user moves to a new location anywhere across the world.


  • Robust Privacy:

Dating App users will not abandon the apps if they offer the best when it comes to personal data protection and security. This is one of the most paramount expectations where data is robustly secured from hacking or breaches. Similar to WhatsApp, the app can be developed to make the data to be stored only on the user’s local device. In short nobody other than the users can access their data.


Now let’s see a list of features associated with a successful dating application.

  • Simplified Signup / Login via Social Media Integration
  • Profile Creation
  • Geo-Location
  • Matching
  • Chatting
  • Calendar
  • A multitude of payment methods
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Feedbacks / Rating

Now that you have developed a feature-rich dating app ready for launch, now how can you monetize it?

All the dating apps fall in one of the 4 business models like Paid Subscription, Freemium, In-app ads and Third-party services. We will see them in detail.


  1. Paid Subscription:

This is a highly famous business model where you can offer a lot of enthralling features that encompass long-term relationships, additional privacy, marriage prospects and wonderful dates along with some special partnerships.

You can provide subscriptions based on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. When we speak about long term subscriptions, they are less costly.

Some notable exemplars of subscription-based models include Netflix and Luxy.

  1. Preemium:

Tinder is a dating app that follows this model. Here some of the main features of the dating app are provided for free but for additional captivating features which include the likes of Super likes, Rewind, Boost, Unlimited Right Swipes etc. the user has to pay some money.

The premium features are accessed by upgrading to a premium membership, and this model can earn money from advertisement based collaboration.

Some good examples of apps which integrate this model include OkCupid, Hinge and of course Tinder.

  1. In-App Ads:

When we speak about dating apps, they can make use of the potential behind a huge customer base. When using the Tinder clone solution, multiple advertisements associated with several top brands can be integrated with the app.

Forming a partnership with big eCommerce stores to market them via the dating app is seen as an effective way of generating additional income.


  1. In-App Purchases / Third Party Services:

With the help of In-app purchases, the users can enjoy free services and also can buy some premium features. When we take the case of YouTube, it provides a lot of free videos, but in certain situations, one has to pay some money to watch some video content via YouTube – This defines in-app purchases.

With your dating app solution, you can provide the users with some features for free and permit them to buy some premium features, for example, advanced filters.



The COVID-19 pandemic has confined people to their homes, and they yearn for some good relationships with others due to the boredom of not being able to go anywhere. This is why Tinder and other dating apps have seen a surge in demand during this lockdown period. You too can start your dating app business now with a scalable and customizable Tinder clone solution that is developed by Tinderboxsolutions.

Our  Tinder clone solution comes with an attractive interface and some amazing features called Prompts, Video Chat, Chat without Match and a Spam Detector as well.

We use JavaScript, HTML5, and Python for programming along with the AWS platform. We also implement NodeJS and React JS in our working.

To know more contact us at Tinderboxsolutions.net.