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  • Distance based matches
  • Like, Superlike
  • Reject profiles
  • Chat
  • Matching feature
  • Geolocation
  • Tindo Pro features
  • Social login

Integral Features

App settings:

Easily changeable app settings to show best profile matches based on your preferences.


Left or right, swipe it all the way

Social Verification:

Manipulate social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to serve the process of authentication


Unlimited Chatting and exchange image,Audio,Video with your matches profiles

Revenue Model:

Monetize the Tindo app by in-app purchases, advertising, marketing and still more!


Liberty to tweak the 100 % customizable source code of Tindo to add unique features serving effectively to generate a wonderful dating experience.


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Technology & Server Requirements

Get to know what we are using

Node Js


Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps


SSH Access



What will you get?

24 months


36 months




100% Unencrypted Source code

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About our software Tindo (Tinder Clone Script)

Tindo is an on demand dating app efficiently used for online dating service. Tindo is clone of tinder, with the help of Tinder clone script; the user can find their perfect match through online. Each and every user will have a respective profile in which the personal details have been updatedprovidingthis details the users can find and date local singles in a safe and convenient fashion.You can have your very own dating service, screening singles you accept into the service, allowing people to search for compatible singles based on a wide array of variables, and make it possible for them to meet up, and get to know each other, before possibly engaging in a brand new relationship. With this Tinder clone apps you can earn by charging small amount per person, a membership fee, ad snaps or items obtained through referrals etc. This application comes in both android and Ios.

Create Profile

With the aid of Facebook, you can log in Tindo or create an account by providing your name, email, date of birth and gender.

Find Preference

Find matches based on your search criteria, swipe on the screen to like/unlike profiles as similar to Tinder.


Tindo App's core concept is to help a user for finding their perfect match and want to know each other through the chat option.

Start Dating

Find your perfect partner with this Tinder clone app & let the relationship bloom into a harmony.

Extra Swipes, Likes, & Rewinds

Users can purchase extra Swipes, Likes, Rewindsetc.

Chatting With Unmatched Profiles

By paying a certain amount, users can now chat with unmatched profiles listed on the app.

Random Matches

Rather than seeking after a match, clients can pay a specific add up to get haphazardly coordinated with different clients and can start talking.

In-app Advertisements

In-application promotions given by outsider sellers. Your custom Tinder clone apps procure a commission dependent on the quantity of ad snaps or items obtained through referrals.

Emojis in chat

Action speaks more than the words. Hence, sharing information using emoji makes the user share feelings leisurely using attractive images.

Look around Profiles

One can browse profiles, share images, find mutual interests, and even mutual friends.

Advantages of certain features in Tindo.

With advanced Features like the outstanding Tinder clone apps it will give a complete details about the opponent users and their profiles. A particular user can select the desired opponent user to chat with them through online. There is an availability of an option to like, super like or reject the information or post, which are uploaded by the user. Rewind feature is very much helpful to recall the online conversation, which is occurred with the opponent user. In this location based dating app, the specifications are defined in a friendly manner to perform a specific task.

Tindo for your Business

People use internet to date someone is increasing every year. Dating Businesses have also become the most profitable niche on the web and all dating business leaders are increasing their revenue every year. Our Tinder clone script is the dating script sparks with the concept of connecting people of same interest based on location.With its attractive design and latest technologies, our script facilitates the uninterrupted communication among the interested matches. Tinder clone script is available in both iOS and Android platforms. With regards to dating administrations, new organizations go back and forth, yet for quite a while, different administrations utilizing Tinder clone programming have encountered a great deal of achievement. With the assistance of Tindo an amazing Tinder clone script you can keep your business above water, yet in addition grow your points of view and make a totally one of a kind Tinder like dating Software.


Our Tinder clone apps are 100% customizable comes in both android, IOS & web admin panel. Our is white labeled software that has been designed using the latest state of the art technology, making it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start their very own dating business.



  • Will Tindo products operate on multiple domains?
    Unfortunately No, Our products operate on single domain only. Clients will get the license for another domain for the purpose of testing, and development
  • Is custom development services applicable for all your products?
    Yes, Custom development services are applicable for all our products. We run three engagement models namely fixed cost, time&material, and dedicated developer for providing custom development services.
  • How does the Customization changes go with Tindo?
    The script is tested and working 100%. If you require any customization changes to the script we are happy to do it at best hourly price. Please contact us at [email protected] for customization cost.
  • What is the project management tool used in Tindo?
    We communicate with the client and update the devlepment process in Basecamp( project management tool). All the discussion will happen through Basecamp and if required a skype call can be arranged.
  • What if user/customer modifies the code?
    If a user make some changes in the code/modifies the code; then it would be hard for us to work on modified script. So we strongly recommend customers, not to make any changes with the script; and our free support will be terminated if find any changes made in the script.
  • Does Tindo help in approval of app?
    Yes, we will help with the customers for the approval of the app. We need IOS app store login and google play login details from customers for approval of the app. Our experienced team will communicate with the customer via basecamp/skype to get required details in order to submit the app successfully in app store.