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Integral Features

App settings:

Easily changeable app settings to show best profile matches based on your preferences.


Left or right, swipe it all the way

Social Verification:

Manipulate social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to serve the process of authentication


Unlimited Chatting and exchange image,Audio,Video with your matches profiles

Revenue Model:

Monetize the Tindo app by in-app purchases, advertising, marketing and still more!


Liberty to tweak the 100 % customizable source code of Tindo to add unique features serving effectively to generate a wonderful dating experience.


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Technology & Server Requirements

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Node Js


Angular JS (Admin Panel)

Native apps


SSH Access



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24 months


36 months




100% Unencrypted Source code

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About Tindo

Anybody searching for an elective dating application that can equal the best dating locales out there needs to consider Tindo, which that can furnish singles with fresh out of the plastic new and energizing choices for meeting somebody exceptional. The application works essentially like Tinder, enabling clients to join and make a profile in a couple of speedy and advantageous advances, and yet, it can likewise be utilized by you, the application's proprietor and administrator, to set up extra "protects" and includes that won't possibly help the procedure along with regards to singles meeting one another, yet additionally makes it simple for you to screen every new part and ensure nobody enters false data about themselves. In those terms, Tindo is progressively similar to a Uber application for dating, enabling individuals to download it from the Android or Apple store, utilize only a couple of snappy taps and swipes on their telephones to choose their potential dates, and make helpful cashless installments, so no issues will at any point come up, thus that you can maintain a smooth business with your new dating script office. This On interest dating script is your most obvious opportunity at building a strong and unique dating administration that can not just adversary the greater part of the dating organizations in your general vicinity, yet even defeat in ubiquity probably the best dating apps and sites in the whole nation. Rising problematic advancements are shaking up the whole tech industry. In particular, the web based dating organizations are getting to be ultra firm and are serving their clients with most extreme customized and potential administrations. Our plan of action is to serve these zapping business people/new companies by taking the application building load off their shoulder. In pretty much 3 days, you can claim your own sly versatile dating apps contrived with a few sharp tricks and begin serving your goliath web based dating client base.We make the ideal tinder clone for you. On the off chance that you need to set up your very own dating office or dating site, it might be a smart thought to initially stop and consider the influence that a Tinder like dating apps– Tinder clone can furnish you with. For all intents and purposes everybody is utilizing versatile applications like Tinder nowadays to attempt and discover their perfect partners, thus a Tinder clone like administration may convey significantly more weight than all else. With Tindo, you can rest guaranteed that every one of your undertakings will be effective. The itemized, yet simple to utilize administrator board will enable you to arrange each part of your dating Script in a matter of moments. Need a themed dating apps? Perhaps you lean toward something that centers around advancing LGBT rights while helping people of a similar sex have a superior shot of discovering love. Anything from a standard dating apps accessible for everybody, to explicit settings and inclinations can be arranged to make your rendition of Dating Software work precisely like you need it to.

Tindo Upgraded dating applications

Tindo is a web based dating apps, which originates from Tinder clone script. The application is quick, fun, and much helpful to discover the dates and talk with them. Utilizing Tindo app you can assemble your own versatile dating apps by which you can encounter a much-propelled approach to meet potential dates. About 60% of the general population are utilizing area based computerized matchmaking cell phone versatile application for finding a genuine date. A large portion of the investigations show that the dating apps has a colossal market development in the prospective years too. This makes the venture proprietors assemble Dating apps to make colossal income. With Tinder clone apps you can set Nitti gritty profiles, summing up the interests, and include an additional arrangement of pictures and compose snappy individuals to characterize them to other people. They can begin hitting left and appropriate to ensure that whether they like or aversion an individual. You can even swipe up to uncover alternate clients straight away that they like them. The installment alternative can be included that gives you a chance to pay cash and get more likes and find them some place and begin to swipe and match with profiles in that area. You can even banner clients as off base to get it reviewed by you. A portion of the highlights of Tinder clone are shown here, The mainstream dating script has a rundown of highlights so it sparkles well without a hitch. An individual can search for new matches by lessening the quantity of groups of onlookers with the guide of the distance based matches. It is smarter to determine the age so as to maintain a strategic distance from any sort of perplexity or battles later on. Henceforth, a choice of age based matches is accessible for the accommodation of the people to pick their friends and family at the earliest opportunity. Like that of the Tindo application, here in this clone additionally there are two alternatives accessible, The 'like option and too like' option alternative won't be accessible in the other Tinder clone apps. On the opposite side of the flip there is no any fundamental to like the profile and begin their life; he/she may likewise dismiss the profiles which are additionally known to hate profile highlight. So as to stay away from any spam likes from the unknown individuals, this component is accessible. A notable alternative of for the installment handling which is at the present pattern all around known to be PayPal is incorporated with the clone content to buy the extra highlights with the investigation of the dating script. Not just PayPal the other one which is known to be Stripe is likewise coordinated in the meantime with the goal that the people ought not discover any bother while buying the extra highlights. One can discover a rundown of new matches in the Tinder clone Script. The recently coordinated client in this tab will be the underlying entryway for an individual to begin a discussion. One can see all the coordinated clients in the new match key element and the interface is planned in such a way, that an individual can have the entrance to the past visit with that of the specific client. Another fascinating actuality is that Group Chat is accessible in this Tinder Clone Script. An individual can make the gathering with companions so as to share the musings in a proficient way. This application is prevalently known to be the easy to understand application since it attempts to fulfill every one of the desires for the general population. With the guide of the Facebook Login, one can import all the profile subtleties and offer the Facebook pictures into Tinder Clone script. It is most critical to refresh the Tindo in addition to so as to get the boundless right swipe and furthermore so as to get more companions in the clone content and to begin the recently investigated things.

Why More startups go with Tinder Clone?

One of the genuine reasons why electronic dating thought has ended up being so outstanding among people is the way that the dating apps customers can absolutely check each other profile before they hang out. Earlier, people used to be confounded with respect to dating. In any case, dating apps give an absolutely secure stage to customers while dating software paying huge role. Something like a mix among Tinder clone scrip and a shiny new Tindo for dating, the all new Tindo application guarantees to offer you the best chance to meet singles in your general vicinity who might be most appropriate to your criteria for dating. The administration works like a Tinder Clone, however has highlights you just get from administrations like Tinder. For example, rather than simply having individuals post irregular photographs online without having the affirmation that those photos are certified, you will most likely know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you'll be getting together with the individual you anticipate. By and by, people similarly have decisions to choose such dating apps like Tindo which is a clone of dating apps, where they get the likelihood of the match similar to the checked profile. In the event that we're talking about another stress for women's security, it is the most foreseen from customers with respect to dating apps. This kind of key essential is starting at now fulfilled by the dating Software like Tindo, Lively and significantly Tinder clone. Additionally, customers are going through around 90 minutes day by day hunting down matches. Thusly, it is shielded to express that these dating software give an ensured stage to customers by and large which they are not going to surrender easily. Beside the unquestionable organizing, another reason new organizations can consider is dating software think about an indisputable and imperative response for customer issues like security and in-detail information about customers to know one another. Moreover, such applications also go with an extensive proportion of features zone based planning, accumulate video visit and various interesting features that are commonly adored by customers. On the off chance that we're talking about the region based dating apps, these applications give coordinates in perspective on people nearby. It also empowers customers a get-together spot to meet. Also, the zone based dating software give differing opportunities to customers. Fundamentally, we can express that a dating apps gives customers a whole security, settlement and immaterial undertakings to find the perfect match. Likewise, it is one of the standard reasons why most of the all inclusive community slants toward dating software concerning dating.

What is Tinder Clone?

Rising troublesome advances are in a hurry and work up the whole tech industry. In other words, the web based dating organizations are getting increasingly dynamic and bringing their customer base with removed customized and inert administrations. Following the on the strides of innovation, we've built up this Tinder Clone for the business visionaries to go into the dating software business quickly. Our Tinder Clone Script makes it less demanding to kick you off with your very own dating apps business that is basic and increasingly amusing to interface with new individuals. Construct extreme virtual dating help with Tinder Clone from Tindo to empower outsiders meet outsiders and build up close to home associations with investigate sentimental connections and discover potential matches. Tinder Clone is a simple to go Internet Dating App content to encourage dispatch of your Online Dating App instantly and effectively with prepared to dispatch content, preconfigured with exceptional highlights and customization administrations to encourage your bespoke application. Handle pooling openings in the web based Dating industry with Tinder Clone Scrip content of Tindo worked with ground-breaking advances to encourage a versatile Online Dating software thriving and extending.

How we differ from other Tinder clone providers?

Numerous tinder clone organizations are building applications without looking into and drafting a strong cautiously arranged dating software creating system. From the beginning, an incredible dating apps advancement system requires a profound plunge into business needs and arrangements. In the event that your undertaking procedure isn't altering as innovation, your items and administrations, and your clients change, at that point it's presumably a not exactly outstanding methodology. Our team will work directly with you to, Clearly define goals, objectives, and deliverables for your dating software business Identify your consequential business needs and draft a strategy to overcome it, Bespeak how increasing or decreasing spending may change product outcomes, Help you value how your brand as a whole ought to be designed and developed You can depend on innovative instruments that we've consolidated to assemble you the market's best Tinder clone application. Our group of specialists will make altered, a business-changing dating apps for your image utilizing industry's accepted procedures. All things considered, you'll be a piece of an awesome, critical thinking item advancement group and once we convey your item you'll find how great your product is. We just utilize brilliant, imaginative, new evaluation innovations to draw out the vast majority of it for your dating business. We center on the subtleties that genuinely matter to educate our each discussion and choice, always testing, tweaking and improving to guarantee each open door you gave us is figured it out.

What we Offer?

We offer services based on prior analysis and discussion on the platform you are looking to build the app on. The app requirements would also be studied before we begin developing. We offer a class API to build this app to enhance user experience and user interface. We begin with ideation of the app, and conclude with execution and maintenance of the app. We install and configure the app using XMPP server. We offer totally customizable application like Tinder. Numerous tinder clone organizations are building applications without inquiring about and drafting a firm cautiously arranged dating script creating technique. From the beginning, an extraordinary dating apps advancement procedure requires a profound plunge into business needs and arrangements. In the event that your undertaking technique isn't modifying as innovation, your items and administrations, and your clients change, at that point it's most likely a not exactly excellent procedure.

Tinder Clone for your Business

How might you want to begin another business with a Tindo application is a Tinder clone script – intended for dating script that need to wind up the following Tinder clone like administrations for dating? Tindo is a simple to arrange, cleverly planned dating application that is a mix among Dating Script and Tinder, furnishing clients with the capacity to discover and date neighborhood singles in a sheltered and advantageous style. With Tindo, you can have your own one of a kind dating apps, screening singles you acknowledge into the administration, enabling individuals to scan for good singles dependent on a wide exhibit of factors, and make it feasible for them to get together, and become acquainted with one another, before potentially captivating in a fresh out of the box new relationship. As indicated by most new companies who as of now use Tinder Clone script-like applications to pull in clients, the gainfulness is soaring simply following a couple of months of the application being used, while clients essentially love the administration as a result of the advantageous and simple way it tends to be used to meet new individuals, begin a significant relationship and even accomplish better self-information. So here is your opportunity to make the singles in your general cheerful to discover their perfect partners, while gaining a ton of cash with the best On interest dating application out there. With regards to dating administrations, new organizations go back and forth, yet for quite a while, different administrations utilizing Tinder clone programming have encountered a great deal of achievement. With the assistance of Tindo an amazing Tinder clone script with highlights like the outstanding Tinder clone you can keep your business above water, yet in addition grow your points of view and make a totally one of a kind Tinder like dating Software. Despite the fact that there are some dating apps out there that attempt to resemble Tinder app scrip, a large portion of them don't really have the innovation that would give them the edge. Here is the place Tindo comes in.

How to make money with Tindo (Tinder clone)?

If you starting a business and you have planned to clone of Tinder then you are traveling in correct path. OK let us tell who we really are we prevalent dating administration, and with the equivalent amazing capacities of a Tinder Clone apps, Tindo is a ground-breaking versatile dating application you can use to design for your own dating administration. An essential part connected with profiting with the assistance of a dating administration is to have a reasonable and legit goal of helping your customers to locate their future accomplice. With the assistance of the Tindo application, you can achieve this by making a clear yet far reaching matchmaking procedure, and setting up the application to naturally break down every one of the factors to think of the best matches. The Tindo App would then be able to be utilized by your customers to rapidly locate their best matches dependent on their area, just as the different elements included from the matchmaking procedure. You can charge a little sum for every individual, an enrollment expense or only a little charge individuals can pay just when they really locate their new noteworthy other. The application is additionally accessible both on Android and iOS, so you'll have no inconvenience in discovering individuals who utilize any of the versatile stages. You will never lament experimenting with this dependable Tinder for dating application, and with the influence of Tindo backing you up, it will be anything but difficult to extend your business and profit, while likewise conveying satisfaction to a huge number of troubled singles. Our essential spotlight would be on understanding your prerequisites identified with Tinder Clone (internet dating Script) and furnishing you with innovation arrangements while remembering your intended interest group and market. We comprehend that a genuine task is an on-going commitment that requires specialized, practical, budgetary and enthusiastic duty. We need to put stock in your thought as much as you do. Connect to discover how Tindo app can help breath life into your thought so you can go to advertise with certainty.

Can Your Business Survive with the Help of a Clone of Tinder?

With regards to dating Software, new organizations go back and forth, yet for quite a while, different administrations utilizing Tinder clone programming have encountered a ton of progress. With the assistance of Tindo, a ground-breaking clone for Tinder with highlights like the outstanding Tinder clone Script, you can keep your business above water, yet additionally extend your points of view and make a totally exceptional Tinder Clone apps. In spite of the fact that there are some dating administrations out there that attempt to resemble Tindo, the vast majority of them don't really have the innovation that would give them the edge. Here is the place Tindo comes in: Designed for the two iOS and Android, Tinder Clone script utilizes probably the most recent, most progressive and adaptable matchmaking criteria and calculations to make matches. It is quick, simple to utilize and can be joined with dating administrations that incline toward both the Tinder clone approach for finding the best matches. It can enable clients to locate every potential matches in their general vicinity. Tindo can likewise be utilized by administrations that utilize strict criteria for matchmaking, just as those that screen their candidates face to face. With this quick, simple to utilize and dependable Tinder clone for dating administrations, your business can flourish, and regardless of the different subtleties of how you need to run your dating application, Tindo will dependably convey the best and most precise outcomes.

Create Profile

With the aid of Facebook, you can log in Tindo or create an account by providing your name, email, date of birth and gender.

Find Preference

Find matches based on your search criteria, swipe on the screen to like/unlike profiles as similar to Tinder.


Tindo App's core concept is to help a user for finding their perfect match and want to know each other through the chat option.

Start Dating

Find your perfect partner with this Tinder clone app & let the relationship bloom into a harmony.

Extra Swipes, Likes, & Rewinds

Users can purchase extra Swipes, Likes, Rewinds, Passport etc.

Chatting With Unmatched Profiles

By paying a certain amount, users can now chat with unmatched profiles listed on the app.

Setup Physical Dates

Clients can utilize Datum coins to set up a physical date on the application itself. Clients can set up the date, scene and time for the get together with in-application update warnings conveyed to both the coordinated clients.

Random Matches

Rather than seeking after a match, clients can pay a specific add up to get haphazardly coordinated with different clients and can start talking.

Watch Promotional Videos

Clients can watch limited time recordings given by outsider sellers to win additional coins, your custom Tinder clone application wins commission dependent on number of recordings viewed or items obtained through referrals.

In-app Advertisements

In-application promotions given by outsider sellers. Your custom Tinder clone application procures a commission dependent on the quantity of ad snaps or items obtained through referrals.

Tindo coins

In-application money that can be acquired by means of credit or charge cards. This money is utilized to access premium highlights on the Tinder clone application.

Tindo Subscription

Month to month/Yearly memberships to sure in-application adapted highlights, for example, additional Likes, Swipes, Rewinds and so on .

Affiliate Marketing

Associate showcasing controlled by outsider advertisement administrations. You win cash by means of commissions from outsider sellers on your custom Tinder clone application.

Full customer support

If the application user gets any doubt regarding app usage, they can get all the suggestion using our customer support executive at any time.

Emojis in chat

Action speaks more than the words. Hence, sharing information using emoji makes the user share feelings leisurely using attractive images.

Profile edit feature

Changing the client profile is made conceivable at whatever point you wish to alter, view or refresh your profile. The application is easy to understand, where a definite well ordered method is incorporated into the dating application so as to make web based dating process in an a lot less complex way.

Error-free chat

Presently you can visit with the coordinated clients with the implicit security alternative. The protection choice lets the online daters to square individuals on the off chance that you would prefer not to visit with unknown individuals. You can even erase the individuals you don't wish to talk with individuals in general.


One can set up the criteria for gaining an ideal match on the application, discovering data dependent on age and sex. You can even locate the fitting matches dependent on the pursuit criteria, swipe on the screen regarding like/not at all like profiles that looks precisely like the Tinder application.

Look around Profiles

One can browse profiles, share images, find mutual interests, and even mutual friends.

Matched user option

Matched user technique is made available to all the dating users. It shows a list of profiles that are perfectly matching with other dating users. This helps in a better way to enlarge the friend’s circle on the whole.

Report spam

Anyone who is related to you in the dating application can report a particular user as a spam. By examining the spam, necessary actions can be taken.

Send pictures and videos

As soon as the matching gets completed, you can chat with the other, share pictures, audio, and videos to share your feeling in a possible manner.

Location sharing

Users who are linked with you can share their exact location. Sometimes Google map can be used to trace the user location.

Additional Features

The people can get the ready warning promptly exposed to likes, super likes and talk messages. The administrator has the ability to follow the ongoing guests of both dating Apps. Every individual is spoken to by a symbol on the backend of administrator’s profile. There is a component accessible known to rewind where the endorsers can rewind the last wipe and in the meantime assess the last profile in an adaptable way. From a client's application home screen, one can see all the accessible profiles and it is their decision whether to give like, excessively like or abhorrence the alternative. This is the more reasonable one to the people about the genuine intrigue and how to improve oneself in a specific field. The sexual orientation intrigue is to primarily flip between the sex interests and to locate the ideal matches utilizing this channel. The people can likewise share the application through Facebook, Twitter and so forth. The visit alternative is accessible just between the coordinated profiles. The Tinder Clone apps that works correspondingly to Tinder will wipe out the issues made by human blunder, making it feasible for singles to utilize the application not exclusively to discover and speak with their accomplices, yet in addition to profit by a novel, profoundly insightful matchmaking framework that no other Tinder clone can offer. Datum, our Tinder clone content for iOS and Android is a quick, lovely and fun approach to discover dates and talk with them. The principal Tinder Clone Script in the market fabricated totally on the MEAN stack utilizing Node.JS as the separate side scripting innovation , MongoDB as the server database , Socket.IO for the ongoing visit motor. The main Tinder like dating application out there with the Rewind , Passport , Super Like , Image partaking progressively talk ,and implicit in-application buy highlights. Tindo is much faster than the other and no struggling over a profile for more than an hour. Using Tinder clone in lowering the chance of texting your boy friend or girl friend. When compared to the ancient period, Tinder app boost your energy towards swiping left/right on images of strangers rather than doing things you will think later. If something is wrong with your ex in dating, or you think that you are not looking good, just open the Tinder app and let the matches appear to you like good concern and boosting ego to the point of no return. Using Tinder, not only use pick up lines and not have it bar you if they break down, you can also make a test of which ones work and which depends on strangers reply to them. The person who meets you on Tinder doesn’t know about your friends and family, and if things don’t work out amongst you people, there is nothing to worry. If you do not have to face the dread of abiding with them even after your break up or including people you know enquire about them. This might be a simple secret. Only limited people enjoy the ease of online dating, and for years there was nothing they could refuse that rude beginning of a promising relationship. Tinder clone scrip is a great way to get the point and avoid the small task. The Tinder Clone is totally adjustable with dynamic inclination settings on the administrator board. Manufacture your very own versatile dating realm with our Tinder Clone. Experience an absolutely better approach to discover potential dates with custom inquiry and match channels like on match.com configurable from the backend, just swipe left/appropriate to dissimilar to/like individuals. To give you a superior shot we don't conceal the potential dates on the off chance that you have un-loved them, we show them over and over to enable you to reexamine and not miss out on a potential accomplice. Motivate set to manufacture your very own portable dating realm with our Tinder Clone scrip we can fabricate the best versatile dating application in the Universe.

Dash board
Admin Dash Board

You can view the total registrations done for the day, month , year and life-time.


Preference settings can be configured from this page and these settings will be updated dynamically on the mobile apps.


Easy way to browse all registered users


Easy way to access to see which profile is being viewed by whom.


A great analytics tool to track profile likes to see popular profiles on the Tinder Clone


All the matches on the platform can be identified from this page.


Analyze all the reported users and see who has reported them and why. This is a mandatory option for apple approval.


See the list of users who have purchased via in-app purchase.


If the application user gets any doubt regarding app usage, they can get all the suggestion using our customer support executive at any time.


Every business people can have full access to the source code, thus modifying the application is made simple. As a business owner, you can modify your Tinder clone apps based on your needs as well.

User Dashboard
User Profile

Profile is created using Facebook data, but you can edit your profile using Facebook albums & create your own ‘about me’ content similar to Tinder.

Facebook Login

We get data from your Facebook account to make it simpler for you to create a user profile, but for security point of view we do not make any posts on Facebook.

Find Perfect Matches

find relevant matches based on your search criteria, swipe on the screen accordingly to like/unlike profiles as similar to Tinder.

Browse Profiles

You can browse profiles & explore images and also find mutual interests and mutual friends.

Hassle-free chat

Visit with coordinated clients, we have given one element for protection perspective that you can square individuals, on the off chance that you don't wish to talk with and furthermore erase the individuals you would prefer not to talk or speak with further.


Configure your criteria for finding perfect matches on the app, find matches according to age & Sex.

Scope of Tindo in future

In this Tindo (Cloned app), there is an alternative to make a profile by refreshing required subtleties of the separate client through on the web. The record will be appeared in an open way and the particular client who is having a comparable profile can pick them to visit through on the web. There will be various profiles are accessible on the Tinder clone script, the clone content which is utilized to have a web based dating. The visit choices will be touched base with a portion of the security and protection alternatives to ensure the refreshed data all around cautiously. Like the typical talk, the Tindo likewise encourages the online discussion with the content, multimedia or GIF vivified recordings and so forth as a rule, the web based dating is winding up with the disconnected dating and it could be a superior method to choose a rival client. This is obligatory to pursue the terms and conditions, which are given by the portable application to have a web- based dating. This versatile application has a Social media login and the application can be actuated with the assistance of Facebook. The reason is that the versatile application is interconnected with the Facebook to have a few advantages. Tindo is giving an issue free visit and discussion by which the clients can build up their relationship. For the administration of a web based dating, the single client can make a gathering to talk with some of an adversary client. In the meantime, it requires membership procedures to add some extra highlights to the application. Every single activity is refreshed to the client as a notice and the profile will be found by the administration of dating.